For the rain, wet,
Teeming, gurgling, I lie
Here in my bed and know that I
Live on
I can hear it, feel in my soul
Its beauty, refreshing
Bringing to life
My God

25 thoughts on “THE RAIN

  1. ellem63

    This appeals to me, Lorraine … I love rain and the harder it bounces off the ground the better for me. You even have the word ‘rain’ in your name. 😊

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  2. blindzanygirl

    Oh Lesley, I never thought of that. But my little cousin David could not say my name prperly, and he calked me β€œthe rain.” A very sad story surroubds him. I was about six when he was born. My grandmother raised him on the farm. He has disappeared. A lot of years ago. We are praying that he contacts us before my mum dies. She is heartbroken. She is 93. He went off to Holland in a terrible state. Never heard from him since, though we do think he came back to this country. My mum doesn’t want us to get the Sakvation Army to find him.


  3. blindzanygirl

    Thankyou so much Jevin. I think we appreciate it much more because we can feel it, touch it and hear it. It feels wonderful on our skin, and so refreshing. It hits at different speeds and in different ways. Now I might have another poem coming on lol. Best to you too Kevin

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  4. blindzanygirl

    I know. He was born to my mum’s siter from a night out in the 1950s. My grandmother brought him up and loved him deeply. A beautiful. Little boy with blue eyes and chrly fair haur. I,played with him a lot at the farm. His mother never cared for him, but my grandmother did deeply. My grandmother hsed to buy a card every birthday and write in it, pretending it was from hus mother. So, before he left for Holland, heartbreakingly, he went to my mum in the kitchen, and said, β€œDid my mother live me.” Just shows how impirtant a mother’s love is. Yet mine is not living at all. But we pray every year at Christmas that he will contact us. He left his brief case with all his papers in with my mum. It is so sad. Please could you pray for him to at keast let us know he is alive? He would be in his sixties now.

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  5. ellem63

    Lorraine, of course I will pray about this, whatever the outcome may be … even if it’s for comfort and closure. Yet, God can work miracles, so there is hope in every situation. xxx

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  6. blindzanygirl

    Thankyou so mych Lesley. It is my mum I am most concerned for. We would live to know if he is aluve or dead at least. Thankyou SO much for your prayers. That means a lot 😊

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  7. blindzanygirl

    Thanks so much Di. Yes, Lesley mentioning that my name has rain in it brought back about my cousin. Been thinking about him all afternoon now. Sad. πŸ˜•

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