I have had many things said to me about my blindness and God. Whatever, I never seem to be doing it right! At least, right in the eyes of others! This poem expresses some of my frustration and anger over some of the things people say to me.

So long
I accepted
“This is God’s will for you,”
Accepted all that came to me,
Saw stars
In mud,
Trying so hard to see the light
In darkest of places,
Now, the Winter
Has gone
I don’t
See stars, or Spring,
I see, as I throw food
All over like a baby, bib
Round neck,
But a monster that would take my
Personhood away, plunge
Me into hell,
I fought
I beat
The cancer, blind
From the “cure” I lost all,
Skin unfeeling from drugs I took,
Legs gone,
Life gone,
I live a blind death every day,
Disconnected from all
Alone, in hell,

21 thoughts on “ACCEPT?

  1. blindzanygirl

    Thankyou Debby. I always feel that penning my pain overtly is not a good thing to do. I do know that God is there. Supremely so. But some people have some very steange udeas about God and I have suffered under that lately. It is only God Who got me through my cancer. It is not God that I am doubting – just that God sent this to me. But I know sime people believe that. I believe that these things happen to people and that we must do the best we can with it, but not that Gid actually SENT it. Well, thus could be a long duscussion lol. But I DO believe in God. Maybe just differently though. But you are right aboutmpenning it. Whether I will do it or not is a dufferent matter lol. Thankyou for your deep understanding Debby ❤️❤️❤️

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  2. Ok.. great to know your view.. I take them as the tests from God, to face them, to meet the ever changing challenges, to overcome them with flying colours.. my thoughts though.. you can think that way too, if you feel that can help you.. love and light always be with you.. 😇💕

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  3. blindzanygirl

    Thanks Debby. I too treat them as a test or a refuning in the fire. Then we come forth as gold, hopefully. Problem is, if we smile we are ok in other oeopke’s eyes, but if we cry out in pain, we have failed the test! That probably is why I don’t vent much or cry out much. But just sometimes it gets to you and you just break down. That happened to me today 😊


  4. Haha.. other people’s eyes.. lol.. I can understand.. have been through those lanes a lot.. my tears have taught me not to bother so much, feel like crying, we should cry it out, that way also we’ll help them only, by venting our feelings out..
    Each and every word I get it dear.. this is life you know.. sigh..!! Things will be alright.. 😇💕

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  5. Simply the finest piece of writing I have ever read. I know that’s no help to you at all, but how amazingly you share yourself with others – so generous, so honest, and so inspired. Praying for you, most dearly-loved daughter of our mysterious God xxxxxxxxxx

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  6. blindzanygirl

    Oh my goodness Ruth. Thankyou SO much. I want SO much to write about suffering, Our Lord Jesus, and His sufferings and death. There is SO much inside me about that. But I hold back from doing that. Although this Blog started life as a Christian one, it suddenly developed into something broader, and I tended to write more ordinary poems. Still about the Divine though, very often. But now, I yearn to write about the Cross, His suffering, and all that goes with it. Let us see what happens. Much love to you my friend ❤️❤️❤️

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  7. Just go for it. You can write anything you want to with complete freedom. I have full faith in your ability to experience, express and share with others. If you’re uncomfortable with any of it, you’re welcome to share it with me first. I can also send you a few links that might encourage you. In shower. Love r xxxx

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  8. ellem63

    Good morning Lorraine. I think people, in attempts to be helpful, often come out with hurtful clichés. Real comfort will come from God himself and those he brings to you. I’m looking forward to catching up on all the poems I didn’t get to read yesterday. ☺ x

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