THE SCREAM – a Painting by Edward Munch

Here is a link to something about Exward Munch’s painting, “The Scream.” It is EXACTLY how I feel right now!


Without going into too much detail, I sat, yesterday, in the car beside a field, in the greatest darkness I have ever known. Inside, the scream was rising. I did not know what to do, for I felt I woukd be consumed by it. There was no way out. And it is true. There ISN’T a Way Out. The only way is THROUGH it. Yesterday I was in a VERY bad way. Yet I know that this feeling is completely valid. It does not detract from my faith in God. For I believe in a God Who suffered, and Who DOES suffer, WITH us. He too screamed out on the Cross.

And at THAT time, too, darkness covered the earth.

I am in a dark place right now. My suffering feels unbearable. But it is a darkness that glows. With the light of LIFE.

I can explain no better than that.

I hope this painting speaks to you. It does to me.

10 thoughts on “THE SCREAM – a Painting by Edward Munch

  1. blindzanygirl

    Thankyou Colleen. I used to love that painting. I can still see it in my mind’s eye. It just came to me this morning to post it. 😊

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  2. yes…i have seen the same painting years back…when it conveyed to me the same feelings of loneliness, desperateness…and what the future will be up to…given my situation that time…a deep sense of anxiety and anguish…(though the situation is not really that great now)

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  3. blindzanygirl

    We connect, Rajini. On a very deep level. It is so valuable to me. Different faiths, yet still the same faith ultimately. Thankyou for your honesty. Yes, I understand totalky what youvare saying. I must bookmark your own Blog somehow so that I can a,ways find it. Your wirds ALWAYS make sense to me. Though I am Christian, we meet at a deep level, respecting each other’s different paths, though in reality they are One

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  4. We are all one. It’s said that every living being including the immovable (plants) etc has a soul or a life force which is the same in quality. It’s the consciousness that differentiates. It’s possible for anyone to reach God if one believe in this. Thou shall not kill! We ultimately should not give too much importance to this perishable temporary body. By giving positivity to the soul which is what you are doing you are doing great service to you as well to anyone you come across.


  5. Yes, I really can grasp this, and have shared it at times, as well. I can see how closely you identify with the sufferings of Christ, and well recognise this as a totally valid spiritual path. Sadly, it is one that is not embraced by many, or well understood, unfortunately, even amongst priests.


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