Hello all.

I have been posting my cancer story in here, on WP, but I am now writing the book! I never expected to be doing this, but it just kind of happened. About three years ago, someone said to me that I should write a book about my experience of cancer, as it would give courage to other people. I liked the idea, but it never quite happened, even though many other people said the exact same thing to me.

Then, someone here in WP made the same suggestion to me. I thank that person from the bottom of my heart – for this time it has taken root. During the night I began writing the book. I am more happy than I could ever tell you.

Thankyou to you, all my lovely readers, who have said such nice things about my writing. You have all encouraged me so much.

The book is to be the story, interspersed with some of my poems.

I am really excited.

Much love to you all. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

48 thoughts on “I AM WRITING A BOOK!

  1. Such Wonderful news Lorraine — i am SO, SO, SO happy and excited to hear this. Keep going, beautiful friend. My prayers and best wishes for your book! May God bless you with inspiration and joy as you dance with the words and share your heart. Love, love, love and then some more…xoxo

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  2. I always love the sound of ‘I am writing a book’ because of how much value I place on reading especially history. Your experience is a kind of history and it would be lovely to share. And since you’ve taken the first step to write it, the most difficult part is past. May your ink never dry Lorraine. Happy writing

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  3. blindzanygirl

    Ah, dancing the words krushna. How wonderful. Holding blue poppies. Fliwers of survival. Lively krishna. We will climb Everest one day. Lots of love to you xoxoxo

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  4. Array

    I’m excited too now, Lorraine … your excitement is contagious! It will be a fabulous book because your story is important and valuable, and it will be all the more so with your incredible poetry in it. Let me know when I can pre-order! ☺

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  5. blindzanygirl

    Lesley your come t was wonderful. I replied to it but it has disappeared so ehow! I looked for it but could not find it. But I said to you that the battle will be lublishing it lol. But even if that doesn’t happen I will self publis. Lots of love to you ❤️❤️❤️❤️


  6. blindzanygirl

    I just flund your comment in Comments Lesley but it put it as array. Don’t know what is happening. But thankyou so much. We are all excited together lol


  7. blindzanygirl

    Thanks Gary. I do hope it will help people. It will be hard to do because I can only sit up in bed for a very short time now, because of pain. But I can take my time. I struggle each day just to survive so I am not expecting it to be quick. I may not even finish it but we will see. To be honest, I was not sure about doing it in some ways because remembering those things is very hard, but we will see how it goes. ❤️

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  8. This is the most fantastic news. It may well turn out to be the finest fruit of your life, and the very best way for you to reach and help more people, especially those who suffer, too, but without God. That is the worst position of all to be in XXXXXXX

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  9. blindzanygirl

    Thankyou Ruth. It will be done. With great diffuculty. But I am determined. I am naturally a scaredy cat, and if I can get through this, then anybody can get through anything. I truly AM a scaredy cat lol


  10. blindzanygirl

    Thatvis so very very kind of you Gary. Smiles. I keep hitting tbe wrong smileymlol so won’t try to do the smiley face any more. How is Captain Chaos?

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  11. blindzanygirl

    You are so kind Susan. I may just do that sometime. I know that you understand much of this. I feel so frightened a lot of the time xx

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  12. I wish I could give you a big hug and make you tea and just listen to whatever you needed to talk about. For what it’s worth, I think you are truly remarkable! Sending so much love your way!

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