#Written for Patricia’s Place – Baby Boy


In Other Words, baby boy…

I woke
I heard the cry
Could it be? Could it be?
Silently I crept down the stairs
The door
There you were, mother, on the bed
Flushed with sheer exhaustion
There, a baby

I was
The first to hold
You little man blue eyes
We had waited so long for you
And now
You were
Here in my arms warm little boy
I still a little child
We welcomed you
That night

10 thoughts on “#Written for Patricia’s Place – Baby Boy

  1. blindzanygirl

    Hi Patricia. Sorty I didn’t stick to the five lines, as I didn’t see that bit. Duh! Thankyou for those nice words.


  2. blindzanygirl

    I often do cinquains,which consist of five lines. But also I do mirror cinqyains and senyrus. The poem here consusts of mirror cinquains put into one poem. I guess I could have done a cinquain if I had actually seen the instryction about five lines, sadly, I do sometimes miss things through being blind. Smiles. Really sorry.


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