I don’t know what changed me. I used to be so quiet. It wasn’t hard. I’d learned to be that way. Always the outsider.

My parents fought. I always had to be the little adult. Keep secrets. Look good. Recite poetry. I had to keep the secret. Be loyal. Hold up the sinking ship.

Always moving. Place to place. Never settling. No real friends. A thousand schools. I could never PARTICIPATE. I was a loner. Not through choice, but of necessity.

Keeping the secret was hard, but it became part of me. Silence became me. I learned it well.

But something changed. Now I wear shocking pink socks. And shout loud. Now I tell all.

What changed me?   Yes, I think I do know.  Cancer.

3 thoughts on “#YOUR DAILY WORD PROMPT – Participate

  1. Hugs and prayers dear Lorraine 😊❤ release yourself out of the emotions and stay light and free. It’s absolutely fine to wear pink socks and shouting loud. May you stay happy and with peace in heart knowing God is always in your heart and never ever leave you.

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  2. blindzanygirl

    Lol Krishna. Don’t worry. I DO. Ha ha. My childhood did terrible things to me, but I am much older and wiser now ❤️❤️❤️

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