FOWC with Fandango — Wagon

They used to be a lot bigfer than they are now.  Like everything else, they have shrunk.  WAGON wheels!

Do you remember those huge circles of biscuit covered in chocolate, with something else in the middle – was it marshmallow?  So big you could hardly get through them.  I thought they’d stopped making them because even when I had one in my hand I didn’t realise it was one!

It’s like everything isn’t it!  SHRUNK!  Except for me, that is!  I’ve just grown larger – probably from eating too many wagon wheels that I did not know WERE wagon wheels.

Does anyone else remember them?

10 thoughts on “#FOWC. WAGON

  1. I remember them too Lorraine. These days you can get them just with mallow, or jam as well, but they are TINY compared to what I remember! I’m tired of using the same excuse that my hands were smaller as a child!!!


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