Why I’m boycotting the Cancer Survivor title

Remission Life

noun: survivor; ‘a person who survives, especially a person remaining alive after an event in which others have died’

Yup, that’s me. So why am I boycotting the ‘cancer survivor’ title?

It comes down to two problems.

1 – It insinuates that other people weren’t strong enough to survive, as if it was a choice or a sign of weakness. We all know this isn’t true, but I feel like the continued use of this title can unintentionally offend bereaved individuals.

2 – It suggests the battle is over. You are a cancer survivor now, so it’s time to live everyday like it’s your last and become an even better, brighter version of yourself. Stress.

I want to expand on the latter problem. This affects me everyday. It affects my decisions, my self-esteem, and my mood. And it has for over a decade. When my treatment ended, there was…

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3 thoughts on “Why I’m boycotting the Cancer Survivor title

  1. blindzanygirl

    She does. It is what I have felt for a long time. Cancer patients and those in remission are expected to be and think a certain way. But we can only feel it our own way. I struggled with “being brave” and didnit my own way. Quietly.m


  2. People do have their own expectations–we can only be and do what we can, and learn to feel good about ourselves because of how God sees us–beautiful.


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