#FOWC. Compass.Wild a d Woolly.

FOWC with Fandango — Compass

The first time that I ever came into contact with compass was when I joined the girl guides. At the same time I also came into contact with the map. Of course, the two go together. Not that it ever made all that much sense to me because I am thick. I don’t think joining the girl guides gave me much direction in my life. I absolutely hated it. I always hated regimentation and that has continued to this day. I am far too much of a free spirit to be regimented by anybody and I certainly do not wear uniform or ever want to wear one. I think basically I must be a naturist because I really hate clothes as well.

I then came into contact with compasses of a different kind when I started at grammar school. Of course, these were to do with geometry. Yet another mystery to me. My mind never could understand maths of any kind. I don’t know whether that is because as a child we moved about every three months and always to a different school. This meant that the class that I went into at each new school had already begun learning certain things to do with maths, and, it being a logical subject where you have to follow certain steps, I could never quite catch up! I think I became obsessed with the fact that I could not do maths. Later in life I developed a desire to go and try and do maths again at an evening class because I am not one to give up and to be beaten by something, so I wanted to prove to myself that I could beat this maths thing. However I never did go to a class and I never have beaten maths. I think I got all of 3% in the last maths exam I ever did.

Now, if you were to put me in a class about nudism and naturism I might fare far better, being the free, unregimented spirit that I am. Maybe I don’t have much direction in my life. Or maybe it is that my direction is far more oriented to the wild and woolly. I guess that is the direction of some kind but not one that a compass which show.

12 thoughts on “#FOWC. Compass.Wild a d Woolly.

  1. Oh gosh, this post made me smile–we have some things in common! I didn’t like our Girl Scouts (USA)…I have no sense of direction, with or without compass and map! And I don’t respond well to regimentation either! Nor did I excel at math…good grief, I’m grateful I can manage my checkbook/finances 🙂 🙂

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  2. blindzanygirl

    Definitely not. Well, most days. I have days when pain hits so bad that I couldn’t laugh at anything. I fight this all the time


  3. blindzanygirl

    They really aren’t are they. I expect you might feelnthe samevas me. People expect us to smile, or cheernup or be positive or whatever. And we can’t. Not all the time, so then we try to conform to what people want, just to be acceptable. I am fighting that battle now. Mostly I am goid natured, funny, etc etc but this last thing that happened to me was the last straw. Yet in the end I did find some light. But it’s really hard at times. Sorrynif Ingetva bitvshort. I really am struggling to write, and Ibfeel very taut.


  4. I find it exhausting to be “positive” all the time, just to please others. Don’t feel pressured to write or comment, just take good care of you–that is what I want, sincerely ❤

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  5. blindzanygirl

    It truly is Leyda. Thankyou. If I respond it is because I want to and can manage it at that moment. After a few responses to different people though, I get lots of pain and so exhausted so have to stop. Sorry if I ever get a bit short.


  6. blindzanygirl

    That’s good lol. Not sure anyone would know me completely though. I sometimes have outbursts. I guess like many ill people do when they get sick of the world. I have just had a go at some things in my latest pist of a few moments ago lol.


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