9 thoughts on “HANG ONTO YOUR HAT

  1. Thank you. You gave me a Yahoo one last time, but it wasn’t this Yahoo address you share now. I will email you on the Yahoo one soon. I just need to copy and paste the email into a new one. Going to do that now. X

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  2. blindzanygirl

    I look forward to it Liz. If one doesn’t work try the other. I hope I have typed them out properly, with being blind. Xxxx

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  3. I have used the Yahoo one but have other one safe. It hasn’t bounced back so far, so hopefully it is in your Yahoo inbox. Check spam box if not, just on the safe side. I will check back tomorrow at some point and check in my emails and here, before doing other things. Going to go from here for tonight now. Goodnight. Xx

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  4. blindzanygirl

    Night night Liz. Thanyou ever so much. If it doesn’t work I could email you if you gave me yours. Then you would have mine. Sleep well. Lots of love xxxx

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  5. Hi Lorraine. Just letting you know I have your email. I will reply back to that later today, with mum’s poems. Just going back to bed for some more sleep. Xx 🙂


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