Ancient days, old like the paths we tread
Full of all that is
That was and can be
Stretching into the unknown
And back into time
When do the two meet
And is there really no tomorrow
Or yesteryear
Seamless like the sky
From which comes sun and rain
Making rainbows
Arching over life unknown
For who can know
The sum of everything
Or hold time in a crucible
All is One my friend
As you and I are one
In the great Cosmos
To the Ancient of Days

7 thoughts on “ANCIENT OF DAYS

  1. I love this, so thought-provoking! We see so many things that those who came before us did, and when we’re the ancient ones, we hope those who come after us will still be seeing all these’s pretty mind-blowing! There’s a lyric in a song, called “Idlewild,” by one of my favourite singer/songwriters, Gretchen Peters, she writes/sings “Everything changes, everything stays the same” it’s very true, yet seems such a contradiction.

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  2. blindzanygirl

    Thankyou so much for this lively comment. I seem to connect with ancient things a lot. I will look up the singer you mention. Sounds interesting. Thankyou so much 😊

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  3. Ancient things are so fascinating! She’s thought of as Country/Americana, but to me, she just writes brilliant songs, about life, and often, not it’s pretty side! Idlewild is one such song. Funnily enough, she usually writes in rhyme, yet this one isn’t, probably, her first. I’d love to know what you think of her music, if you get a chance to look her up.

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  4. blindzanygirl

    Ooh I most definitely will Debbie. I would love to hear her. Sorry I typed lively instead of lovely. I often make that mistake! I will definitely let you know.

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  5. blindzanygirl

    Ooh Debbie,I just found your comment again, and listenedbto thecsong. Mit is SO beautiful. Bthe wirds are amazing, andbthe sunging is beautiful. Bthankyou for introdycing me to this lively singer. She is veryvdufferent. Thankyou 😊

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  6. So glad you found my comment again Lorraine & I’m even more delighted that you liked the song! Her lyrics are all heartfelt, she’s been through some tough times herself, so has her family & knows from experience about different struggles. I was just reading about the awful time you’re going through and I really feel for you. I can offer little in the way of words to help you through, but I can say, from experience, that music has been my solace on many occasions of crisis in my life. Gretchen’s music/words have played a huge part in helping me through some dark times. Her heartfelt lyrics made me feel like I wasn’t alone in going through bad times, like the people in her songs, & the beautiful melodies floated on through, it was all quite cathartic, even though some of the stories are sad/tough & gritty too. I’m sure there are plenty of other artists you listen to, that may give you a similar experience. Gretchen even had tee shirts printed with “Sad Songs Make Me Happy” on them. Funnily enough, on stage, she is quite funny, & a very lovely lady. Take care, Lorraine, thinking of you at this difficult time.


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