#FOWC – TEMPORARY. Permanent or Not?

FOWC with Fandango — Temporary

When I think about it, everything is only temporary really. And it’s a good job, or we would never move on, never change. We have happy moments, sad moments, terror filled moments, peaceful moments – but time marches on as they say. No sooner have we lived one moment than the next is upon us. And in that moment, strange to think, we will have changed – only minutely usually, but we will.

Sometimes we might look back and think “If only that had lasted. If only I was back there, now.” I’ve done that, often. We used to live in a beautiful place, but had to move after living there for eight years. It was the most amazing time of my life. It was meant to have been for ever – but it proved to be only TEMPORARY. It changed me. Just as moving to where we are now changed me. If I think about it, moving to where we are now, which I didn’t want to do at the time, has given me a new perspective. Yes, I have had cancer since we moved here, and ended up blind and wheelchair bound, but prior to that, I discovered birds, and how wonderful and amazing it was to watch the birds. It is strange how I had never done that in the place we lived for eight years, for it was a beautiful place, where I used to love to walk in the hills, and be in nature, away from the towns.

When we moved here, to very flat countryside, I felt grief stricken at first. Until I discovered the birds. It is difficult to describe in words the impact that that had on me. Or to describe the beauty that I have found in the countryside that was familiar to me, but that I used to find boring. There is a wildness and a mystery that used to evade me. And even though I am now blind, I can feel the mist, the wind, the rain, hear the waves on the tidal river as they hit the low stone wall where I often sit. I can still see these things, from how they sound, and how they feel. Yes, I am sad that I cannot see them, but in a way, I am glad that our time in the other place proved only to be TEMPORARY. If we had not moved here, I most likely would never have discovered these new wonders. Sometimes, we would like to hang onto things. To make them permanent. But in fact there is no such thing. And I am glad.