I am not really sure how to do this but Carol Hopkins has nominated me for the Sunshine Blogger Award. Thankyou SO much Carol for your kind words about my blog.

I don’t normally do awards because I can’t deal with the process, but I would love to answer these questions. Hope I have done it right! I won’t nominate anyone else as everyone is worthy of an award, but hope you can feel you know me a bit better from my answers to these questions.

Wonderful stuff!!!
Because I love this blog and because you bring so much light to my world I have nominated you for the Sunshine Bloggers Award see
Here are the questions I am posing for you to answer, if you choose to accept the award:
1. What is your favorite thing to write about?
2. What makes you very happy?
3. What makes you feel angry?
4. What experience changed your life or was a pivotal turning point?
5. What is your biggest fear?
6. What advice would you give to people younger than you are?
7. What is the source of your inspiration?
8. What would you like to change about yourself?
9. Which of your character traits are you grateful for?
10. Where would you most like to live?
11. What are you most passionate about?

1. What is your favourite thing to write about?

I think nature is my most favourite thing, but I love writing humour too, so quite a few fleas get into my writing. I also love writing about light and dark, as I am blind

2. What makes you very happy?

My beautiful rough collie dog called Hope makes me very happy. I know she is laughing all the time even though I cannot see her. Things that I can feel make me very happy, with not being able to see, so the wind and the rain can make me ecstatic.

3. Injustice makes me very angry. Seeing people who are already down on their luck being trodden on yet again. I dislike it intensely when people treat others badly just because they are different. That makes me very angry.

4. Having advanced cancer changed my life and was a pivotal point. I found out how strong I could be. I faced something I had always feared, and in fact I felt so amazed at myself that I can honestly say I am glad I had cancer. The chemo left me blind and wheelchair bound, which is very hard, but even that, I am in some ways glad for, for it has given me a lot spiritually


My biggest fear is having to go into a Home. I cannot look after myself and am totally dependent upon my husband, who is also wheelchair bound but not blind. If he should become sick or die before me I would probably have to go into a Home. I am not the sort of person to be in a Home, for I am too lively and free spirited.

6. I would say “Be yourself. You can’t be anybody else.”

7. The source of my inspiration is life itself. And people. And spirituality.

8. I cannot think what I would like to change about myself. I am happy as I am, though this has only come after many years. But now I am at peace.

9. I am grateful that I inherited my mother’s iron will that has seen me through many a trial. And for my sense of fun and humour that comes from my father.

10. There are many places that I would like to live, but it would have to be in the heart of the countryside close to nature and the elements. I am a child of nature. I often crave a hermitage where I could just live in solitude alone with nature.

11. I am most passionate about everyone being able to be themselves without hindrance or attack. I hate barriers, and would like all barriers between human beings to be gone, and for everyone to live in peace with each other, whatever race, colour or creed they are. I want to end all violence.



  1. blindzanygirl

    Hi Di. I just gave the answers. I am not going any further than that. Thanks so much. I really enjoyed doing the answers anyway. I hope I haven’t done a ything wrong. Lol


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