#FOWC. BARGAIN. The Monster at Large

FOWC with Fandango — Bargain

Oh my GOD!

The minute I see the word “Bargain” I see my mother! NOT a pretty sight when there is a “SALE” going on. And in fact, that is MOST of the time!

“There’s 25 per cent off at Sainsbury’s,” I hear, most weeks. I know then, that the rush is on. She’s all of 93 and not in good health. She walks V E R Y slowly, leaning on her shopping trolley, resting every now and then to get her breath. She has emphysema, kidneys that are packing up on her, high blood pressure, vertigo – in fact, you name it and she’s got it!

BUT the word “BARGAIN” can be utterly relied upon to get her out of her chair! Off she sets, up the road. Sainsburys, here she comes! The monster bargain hunter.

She comes back with all sorts. Microwaves balanced precariously on her shopping trolley. Duvets – the same! Bedding. Towels. Tea towels. Kettles. Toasters. Garden shears. You name it, she comes back with it!

Only problem is, the next day she is taking it back again. Every time. Without fail!

They know her at Sainsburys.

They knew her at the Ford Salesroom too, when my Dad was alive. They got banned in the end, even from the forecourt! She ordered so many cars, then cancelled, that they just HAD to ban her! My Dad nearly died of a heart attack!

On a good day it’s not only Sainsburys. It’s Aldreds as well. And they sell more than Sainsburys. They sell beds, and fridges, and washing machines!

11 thoughts on “#FOWC. BARGAIN. The Monster at Large

  1. Three rules in the house on purchases:
    Do I want this? Do I need this ? Will my life end if I don’t have it?
    Modified on the boat to
    Can I eat it? Can I wear it? Where will I put it?
    Saved us a fortune!

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  2. blindzanygirl

    Lol. My mum makes us laygh actually, but it can be awfully frustrating. She often needs help to take them back lol


  3. They were ours………. MIL was terrible though, couldn’t walk past an anorak shop without buying one, would buy clothes then not like them by the time she got them home, but wouldn’t change them. She had12 anoraks and a rack of never worn items in the roof still with labels on totalling around £2000


  4. blindzanygirl

    Lol Fandango. She’s been like it all her life! Can’t keep up with her, but as she’s 93 now, I guess we’ll stay the course lol

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  5. Haha! This did make me smile, Lorraine, once a bargain hunter, always a bargain hunter! My Mother-In-Law was like that, she’d happily brag about her bargain..whether it was something she needed or not! More often than not, it was the latter! 😂


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