Saturday Stream of Consciousness writing – Leaves

The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS June 22/19

The “Leaves of Spring” is a book that I read many years ago that showed how mad people are really sane because they see things clearly unlike people who are not labelked as mad who see things through mud. I had a friend like that. She was called Joan and I wrote a poem a out her because she was labelled mad and she truly did do some things that we would call mad that were perfectly sane to her. Like throwing televisions out of fourth floor windows and getting taxis from England to the North of Scotland, having a cup of tea and coming back again. All in one day. It wasn’t mad to her but the authorities thought it was mad, so they banged her up in a hospital and gave her medications that put her to sleep and kept her quiet.

Joan was well known for being mad but she was my best friend. Probably because I am slightly mad too. But this writer who was a psychiatrist or something, argued that actually, people like Joan can see so much more clearly than anyone else and that they are not really mad at all. And me? I don’t judge – because I know I am msd anyway but I’d rather be mad than boring. I can’t stand to be boring.

I’ve just ordered a dark green velvet cloak from Amazon so I can blend in with the leaves and the grass because I am a child of nature. I don’t like concrete and steel. I don’t like towns and citis so one day I am going to leave this town and live in the grass amongst the leaves. But for now the green velvet cloak will keep me happy. I like green.

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