Saturday Stream of Consciousness. Instructions

The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS July 13/19

Have you ever fumed over those awful instructions that you get with anything that you buy from a store and have to put together yourself?

Right, well, my instructions are ignore the instructions. They do more harm than good. Instead, get down on your knees (yes, you can pray first if it’s your thing) then look to see if there are any colours anywhere. If there are, ignore them. They probably don’t mean anything anyway, even if they’re meant to do. Try looking at the shapes of things. Do they LOOK as if they should fit together? If they do, try them. If they don’t then try again, another way. By now your knees might be getting a bit sore, so sit on your backside and survey the scene. Are there shapes that look as if they might match? Try them. If something fits but only by forcing it, it can’t be right. It’s ok to swear a bit at this point. Keep trying different things for possibly a whole afternoon or evening. Or maybe even a day or two. Drink plenty of tea, or beer if necessary. Being drunk in charge of rods/poles/bits of metal or plastic does SOMETIMES help. It certainly helps to keep you in a happy frame of mind. You can even sing a bit if you want to. If you become inebriated enough you will not know if things have gone together properly or not, and you may not even care anyway. Eventually, things WILL fall into place, maybe it being you as well. These are my instructions for dealing with instructions.

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