I’m tired
Too tired to think
Inside, given up, lost
Is my soul but I just don’t care
I gave
To all who needed me to give
And now I am empty
Bring to me light
And life

I’ve tried
To save my soul
To exist when stripped bare
But no one saw I was fainting
Helped me
Get up
Now I live right down on the ground
Waiting for time to pass
One day it will
I wait

6 thoughts on “TIRED

  1. blindzanygirl

    Thankyou James. You understand then. Not many do understand this type of tiredness. I haven’t even the energy to lift a fork to my mouth. I am so tired I am crying. And family dramas and upsets are draining me of the energy that I need just to survive. I am at breaking point!

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  2. this is beautifully tragic………..i have felt that deep exhaustion, it is to your core, your bone, your soul, your brain…….it can no longer function. there are others who want to steal your energy and use it as their own………..don’t let them. your energy is sacred.


  3. Hi Lorraine. The best thing to do when those personal issues attack you is turn it all over to God and put it his hands. He says ” Come unto me all those who are heavy laden and I will give you rest”. Than get some much needed sleep my friend.


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