Writing books sucks…

Read After Burnout

‘So’ has become an old friend. It’s one of those old friends that you never really knew you had. It’s the quiet one in the room. The one that begins at the end of some drawn-out episode and pushes you on to start afresh. ‘So’ is that needle pulling thread, followed by ‘la’. But what does ‘la’ do?

If ‘so’ is the galanizing agent, ‘la’ is the stark realisation of the road ahead. It’s coming down that steep hill on a bike, exhilerating in the air rushing past you, careful not to get too confident, not ‘pushing out too far’ because tarmac hurts; and so do trees. And when that final whoosh of descent ends, the wheels beginning to lose their impetus, and it’s just you and the world ahead, a world that frames another climb, much steeper than before, the temptation is to stop, and rest, and wait for…

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