Anybody who knows me knows that I do nothing but GIGGLE. It just seems to be an integral part of me. I can’t stop. The more I am told to stop, the mire I do it. Telling me to stop really puts my giggle button into top gear! Even in bed at night, I can suddenly start giggling for what seems to be no reason. My husband is used to it now. For some reason I always seem to be able to think of something funny, but no one else can see why it is funny. However, as giggling is infectious they are soon giggling helplessly too about they know not what.

When I was still at school, many moons ago, I was in a cookery class, and we were doing Theory that day. We all had to sit down on folding wooden chairs and take notes. Sadly, my chair, for some reason, collapsed as I sat down on it. As I felt myself and the chair going to the floor together, I broke out into the most uncontrollable giggles. The teacher was furious.

“Lorraine Holden, get up off that floor,” she barked.

I got up and managed to put the chair back together again, and sat on it, but the scene of me going gracefully down onto the floor with my partner the chair, just would not leave my mind. The inevitable giggles came again.

The teacher came up behind me, told me to stand up, and gave me the biggest whack on my backside that you ever did see. She was a very large woman with a booming voice.

“Now get out of this classroom,” she boomed. “Go and sit out in the quadrangle.”

I dutifully left the classroom and went out into the quadrangle, trying my best to stifle a new outburst of giggling, fuelled by the huge whack that I had received.

After about ten minutes the Headmaster came by, saw me sitting on the floor of the quadrangle, and asked what I was doing there.

“I couldn’t stop giggling Sir,”I said. He looked at me quizzically. And yes, you guessed it. A completely new fit of the giggles erupted.

“You can stay there until the end of the Period,” he said, “Abd then you can come and see me.”

My career in giggling had got off to a good start, and is doing well to this very day.

5 thoughts on “CYRANNY’S WORD OF THE DAY – Giggle.

  1. Ah, the memories of the giggle-thon.
    Years before I met Hubby, I had a giggling fit in bed one night. Like you, something struck me as funny and started me off. The more I tried to stop, the worse, and louder, it got. Next day, my neighbours asked what we’d been getting up to as they wanted to try it. We hadn’t been doing anything actually, unlike the mouse in the bedroom which you can read here:

    In 1996, I too had a collapsing chair episode. This was in the office and I just missed the desk with my many chins. Colleagues were running around looking for hot water bottles, another chair, cushion and the accident book as I tried unsuccessfully to get up but could do nothing for laughter. The entire office was in hysterics. I wore my bruise with pride!

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  2. This makes ME giggle, Lorraine! There are just some things in life that makes us giggle! Laughter is good medicine! I hate you probably got in trouble that day, but at least you felt joy!😄🦋


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