FOWC with Fandango — Authority

I’m seeing red right now. And that’s because I see that word “Authority”! I HATE authority.

It’s strange. When you are younger, like in Secondary School, you kind of accept authority. Although I was known to bang a few doors on occasions when some teacher had taken me up on something.

As you get older, you learn that “authority” can be used as a badge for stupidity, and also harassment and cruelty. Also, authority can control you because they have been given the power to do so.

I think we are fast approaching living in a Big Brother state. They are watching us. In so many different ways they are monitoring us. Secretly. Covertly. And soon, EVERYONE will have a microchip inserted into them – like our dog. And it WON’T be a matter of choice. Just think how already so many things are governed by “authority.” We are not even allowed to keep our own money. And for myself, my ONE BIG FEAR is being put into a HOME! So I am keeping my head down! No one is going to get ME into a Home. If I did end up in one I would be the biggest rabble rouser there. They’d certainly know what they’d got!

Authority both frightens me, and makes me angry. It frightens me because of its power, and it angers me because of its mercilessness and stupidity.

24 thoughts on “#FOWC. AUTHORITY

  1. I know the feeling of anger when it comes to authority trying to win one over you, when they are in the wrong, or as a bully. I certainly don’t react that well in the past nearly two years when it comes to those situations.


  2. Yes, we are living in an authoritarian age that is both stupid and cruel. People like authority because it means that they don’t have to think. Answers to problems are easy when somebody else makes them.

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  3. blindzanygirl

    I just looked to see if it was there yet but could not see it. Being blind it is a bit hard so could you let me know if it is there? I only did it about five minutes ago

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  4. Time for a new political party to rise up. Got just the name for it too : The Rebel Party.
    I see a time, in the not too distant future, when babies will be chipped at birth ‘to ensure there is no mistake regarding who is the parents and to protect the child ‘ (yeah right) then everything will be downloaded onto the chip: NHS number, schooling, work data, criminal log if applicable, food allergies, income, benefits, etc etc. so you can’t do, go or say anything without the authorities knowing about it.

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  5. blindzanygirl

    I absolutely agree with you Di. I see it all coming. And of course tracking devices so that the authorites know where we all are at all times. Phew! Scary times!

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  6. blindzanygirl

    Di I have just been looking up about microchipping. Did you know that some employees have been done in the UK?


  7. It angers and frightens me too, Lorraine! I hope you never end up in a home! I am keeping my fingers crossed for you on that front! I do hope we all dont end up microchipped though! Xxxx


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