FFIPP Written for The Purposeful Practitioner


Joyce could never look a hot air balloon in the eye! They reminded her too much of her escapades in the War. Desperate to “do her bit” she enlisted in the WAAFs, lying about her age, as she was a year too young. Brought up on an isolated farm, life was rather different for her, as she learned everything there was to learn about balloons.

One day, she found herself in a rain soaked field up to the eyes in mud, and wondered what the hell she was doing there. She thought of the comfort of the farm, and the decent food that was on offer there, despite rationing, and she knew immediately what to do. Confess!

Soon she was on her way home again. As she entered the ancient farmhouse her mother greeted her with,

“What the hell did you think you were doing?”

“I don’t know,” Joyce replied. “There weren’t any decent looking lads there anyway.”

6 thoughts on “FFIPP Written for The Purposeful Practitioner

  1. blindzanygirl

    Yep. I love doing Flash Fiction. I am not new to it, but just new to that particular blog. We did Flash Fiction a lot when I was doing my degree, and I found it very satisfying then. I love to write very short poems too, like the senyrus and haikus that I do, plus the cinquains, and find them mire satisfying than longer ones. I don’t often write long poems and am not very good at doing them! But I have started doing psychological thrillers, bits of which I have posted in here. Yes, do some Flash Fiction Silk Cords. I’d love to read it 😊

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