Socs. Weigh/way/whey

The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS Sept. 7/19

No WAY am I going to WEIGH myself with this garbage on. Talk about extra weight! No, really I should be in the nude. That’s always the best way to get a true picture. I try to eat right. Did you know that whey is good for building up muscles? Well that is better than fat. I hate being fat. It’s hard work keeping thin though. My Dad was thin. He could slip down a crack if he was not careful. In fact he did, once. He’s dead now. That was a real slipping. We didn’t expect him to go but he did.

My mum was always plumpish. Mind you, she always had her fingers in the cream! She’s not fat now. She’s in the hospital. A wee slip of a thing. She might be dying, she dud die the other day. Twice. Well, I think she did. They couldn’t find a pulse. But she’s still here. I think they offered her a turkey sandwich yesterday. She gobbled it. Well, not sure, but maybe she did. We lived with turkeys. Chickens as well. Lots of muck. It was a bit fowl.

Anyway, I don’t like being fat, but it was a good job I was when I got cancer because I lost five stones. I’d not have been here if I’d been thin. I’d better go and stick my fingers in the cream.

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