It is hard to believe that it is almost the end of September! It seems only yesterday that we were in that really hot weather. But I am looking for a hermitage! Well actually I have been looking for one for quite a while, but now I am looking in earnest. Throughout the sumner I have been eyeing up bus shelters and those old red telephone boxes, but I thought someone might complain if I took over one of those. Though some of them are full anyway – of scarecrow! There aren’t any caves around here, or I might have nicked one and set up home in it.

However, we saw a lodge on a mobile home site recently, that was for sale. Today, we went to look at it. The site was absolutely amazing, with trees and bird feeders all round. It was just beautiful – as was the lodge itself. Small, but beautiful. And……..it was just outside Blyton, my home village that I have been longing to move back to.

We were told that there are hundreds of goldfinches there, singing their heads off in the mornings. It really was the most beautiful hermitage.

We have been very very tempted by it, but sadly, , the owner of the site was rather overpowering and we felt he could turn out to be rather intrusive and policeman like. So we gave it a miss.

However………if anyone knows of any good hermitages in North Lincolnshire, please let us know!


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