Take Seven #3


He had always been a bit of an actor though he did have rather a chip on his shoulder. He had been known to throw a bottle or two in anger in his younger days. He was a product of the sixties, and his college days were certainly colourful. He always walked to classes with a backpack on his back though it was quite a long journey from where his lodgings were. Every morning he stopped to buy a paper. He had only one real wish, and that was to be famous one day. Maybe a rock star or something. Sometimes he would stop in the park and read a chunk of the paper before he carried on into college to face the day. There was a fascinating hotel on the way which he always glanced at. It was one of those kinds of hotels where you could imagine fine ladies dancing the night away in chiffon dresses. He imagined himself dancing with one of them, but this was his own secret wish. He came from a humble background where carbolic soap was the order of the day. His mother had been a nurse, and obsessed with cleanliness but not godliness. She was a bit of a seanstress as well, and he remembered the silver thimble that she always used to wear on her finger of an evening when they were sat by the fire on the dark winter nights. As he thought back, he sighed. What was to be his future? Only time would tell.

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