When inside your heart is screaming
And you hide it with a smile
When you pretend that you’re strong
But inside you’re crumbling
When you want to tell the truth
But you can’t
When you have nowhere to turn
But you have nowhere
When fear grips you
Because your body won’t work
Your eyes won’t see
Your legs won’t move
When you are alone
Alone in the world
Though it looks like you’re not
But the one person you seem to have
To the outside world
Is your captor
Your prison guard
When you want to die
But you can’t
Because your body will not let go
It just wants to torture you
When you try to scream out for help
But you are afraid of telling the truth
When you are going mad unsude yoyr head
When all you need is a safe place
A kind word
And understanding arm
A shoulder
Where you can cry

And cry
And cry
And cry


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