I have been going through a very tough and lonely time lately, and I think it has shown in my poems.  I have had sych a lot of kindness shown to me here.  Thankyou so very very much to all my Readers and Folliwers.  Your caring has helped me through. Xoxoxo. Big hugs to everyone

20 thoughts on “THANKYOU TO EVERYONE

  1. We help each other by being here to read and talk about things at times. I am sorry you are having problems with being lonely. I know Praying helps bring clarity to my problems. Reading scriptures which you need help with which you will have soon . Just ask God and he will answer you in his time and in his way with The Holy Ghost

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  2. Seriously, I know that immediately afterwards, I did a lot of thinking about things, about death etc, if only because I thought I would probably have another stroke the next day. But thinking about death, has made me calmer, more reconciled. It make a lot of things unimportant, others important. I’m clear that I want to help people while I still can.
    You’re obviously a thinker too, I know you’re not able to help people but I hope at least that you feel reconciled towards things.

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  3. blindzanygirl

    Thanks, yes I actualky had the Last Rites. It was so happpy and peaceful. I am totally reconciled towards death. What I am not reconciled to is living in captuvity to someone who is clisest to me. Long story! Me and Wendi were talking about it last night at the end of one of my posts, where she picjed up on it though I had not said it. Tes, sometimes it gets to you. But death itself – I have to admit I would welcome it, in my situation and condution, but would not bring it about by my own hand.

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  4. blindzanygirl

    I know. I couldsense that. Not shrprusing. I guess I do sometimes too. Mine tends to go inwards for a while, and I get black. Then I mught get so desperate I am screaming. And maybe yes, sometimes wanting to lash out. It’s a bugger isn’t it

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  5. I suppose a lot of it is recognising it for what it is – nobody’s fault. I look at the frequency of these things, try to take positives from that. The cats help – no matter how sorry I used to feel they still want their grub!

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