She spent her life looking for the truth,
Walking up the long narrow lane,
Holding Grandma’s hand she sought,
Gazing in wonder at the sky,
Mesmerised by the stars,
Asked the question, “Where is God?”

How could a child know much about God?
Yet she wanted to know the truth,
He had to be somewhere beyond the stars,
Shining bright as they walked up the lane,
Her eyes fixed firmly on the night sky,
In innocence she sought

And as she grew this child still sought,
Determined to find her God,
So much wonder was in the sky,
How could it not contain the truth?
Many times she walked down the lane,
Fascinated by the stars

She wondered if she could touch the stars,
As in her wonder she sought,
Never did she forget the lane,
Where first she’d tried to find God,
Her child’s mind said there must be truth,
Somewhere up in the sky

So beautiful she found the sky,
Even when there were no stars,
In such great beauty there must be truth,
Still for her God she sought,
In her thirteenth year she found her God,
Walking with her down the lane

Hand in hand they walked down the lane,
Looking up at the sky,
Within her heart she’d found her God,
Brightly shone the stars,
She’d found that for which she’d always sought,
Now she knew the truth

A little child looked for truth high up in the sky,
Walking down the country lane mesmerised by the stars,
One day as she truly sought, within her she found her God



With grateful thanks to Kevin Morris for inspiring this poem with his poem entitled “the Poet” to be found here:

The Poet


Ashes now to ashes you are dust
In frailty you did die with three loud cries
The earth now holds you tight within its crust

On darkest night your soul was coldly thrust
Into eternity that never ever lies
Ashes now to ashes you are dust

And we who now are left here surely must
Live in the darkness with the light that dies
The earth now holds you tight within its crust

You who with contradiction broke my trust
Now must face the truth, existence flies
Ashes now to ashes you are dust

The words you said are covered now in rust
There is no longer time for all the whys
The earth now holds you tight within its crust

Eternity has called you from life’s lust
We said today our final last goodbyes
Ashes now to ashes you are dust
The earth now holds you tight within its crust


Bring to light that which is hidden
Nestling deep in the darkness
Sing into being that which should live
Fly  your chosen way onwards

Do not fear the deep waters
You were once held in this ocean
Too many times you stood at the edge
New life is yours for the taking


See now, the grey turn to silver
Threads in dark winter’s night,
The promise of golden days ahead
When summer’s sun my soul will warm

Threads in dark winter’s night
Paint a picture in the trees
When summer’s sun my soul will warm
The picture will come to life

Paint a picture in the trees
Though winter’s cold my soul does chill
The picture will come to life
As the earth moves round to face the sun

Though winter’s cold my soul does chill
Soon the thickening ice will melt
As the earth moves round to face the sun
The picture becomes complete

Soon the thickening ice will melt
And I will dance in summer’s sun
The picture becoming complete
As grey turns to silver then to gold


In the passage where time waits
I stumble
Trying not to look back
Afraid to look forwards
A blockage has occurred
Thrashing around I try to kill time
And find
That it is an illusion
A construct
Made to control us
Trip us up
“I haven’t got time,” you say
No, you don’t have time
You have eternity


i want to apologise, as over the past few weeks I have been very remiss in responding to your comments.  As many of you know, my mother died.  Also I was in grief about another member of my family.  It has been a very difficult and painful time for me, and I have not managed to respond as I normally do, to all of your very kind Comments and messages.


I am still in the most horrible grief, a d struggling hugely with life.  My mother is not having a funeral and so there was not the normal means of saying “Goodbye.”  Her death was horrific, and it lives with me and will not go away.


i am not myself at all, and so I truly do alologise because I read all your beautifull

Comments and cannot find the energy to respond, although I have responded to some.


my creatuvity has not ceased, but has slowed down a bit, a d I tend to write more about death and grief, than anything else.


please bear with me, as things will get back to normal.


thankyou so much for all your kind messages and suppirt

lorraine xx


The morning pulls at me. Though I can’t see it I know it is there. I can feel a haze, and hear its dampness. The birds are quiet today. In the distance a drill is whirring. Gradually a weak sun begins to warm things up. But my heart stays cold. Someone died.

In the morning damp
The sun fails to warm me up
Someone has just died


The moment soon to come
Making its way slowly
There is no escape
We amble
Carefree on our way
While the nigh is nearly upon us
To surprise
Never will we be the same again
When the nigh has come nigh


Than your own breath
Is the comfort you seek
In Love do we have our being
Though pain
Our spirits, we reach out and touch
That which is deep within
And find that Love

Dark nights
Of weeping leave
Us weak, our hearts open,
In our weakness we find our true strength
In love
That will never let us go, holds
Us safely in strong arms
Absorbing tears
That fall

You will find rest,
Deep peace beyond measure
It is not far away, but here,
Your heart
Knows it,
Go inside your heart, dear child, lay
Your head down on Love’s breast,
Cry your tears here
Trust in this Love,
So deep

#Poetryreadathon – meet blogger and poet, Lorraine Lewis

Robbie's inspiration

Poetry readathon

Today, I am delighted to welcome poet and blogger, Lorraine Lewis to Robbie’s inspiration. Lorraine blogs at https://blindwilderness.wordpress.com/ and shares some lovely and moving poetry.

A poem for my father

Through the mullioned windows I saw the sheep,

Illuminated by the sun,

As I gazed at them my spirit danced,

Then they disappeared behind the hill,

Now, again, all seemed dark,

I waited, hoping that they would come back.

To my delight they soon came back,

Huge was this flock of sheep,

When they returned it was no longer dark,

Again I could see the sun,

But they went again, behind the hill,

So I got on my feet and danced.

I remembered another dark day when I’d danced,

Though I knew he was not coming back,

With him I climbed that enormous hill,

Rugged, just as it was for the sheep,

I longed for him to see the…

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I see the horses passing by
Just as they did in times of old
Within, my spirit starts to sigh
Turning soon into a cry
The question rises “Why oh why?”
Let me be taken into the fold
I see the horses passing by
Just as they did in times of old


Soft rays fall gently as I remember
Days in Your Presence
When my heart was full
And birdsong filled the air
The warmth of summer’s breeze
Danced on my skin
Until the whole of my body danced too
Hearing the cries of Your love
In the calling of the birds
“Come my sweet one come,
Follow Me wither I go,
Across the sky
Onto the sea
Soaring above the mountains
Follow, follow,
Let Me hear your sweet voice sing
As we become One with the Universe
I love you, I love you,”
And I believed
And followed
Emptied myself of all but You
Together we danced the Dance of Love
Ate at a Banquet fit for Kings and Queens
Bathed in the gently flowing water
Drank from the water that gushed from the rock
But now the soft rays turn to darkness
The wind blows cold
No longer do I hear Your voice
Calling, calling,
I am alone,
No longer can my feet dance
No longer do we twist and twirl together
In the Dance of Life
For now I live in darkness
Unable even to tie my own belt
In a place where I did not want to go
And in this place
I cry out Your Name
“Come to me, Come to me”
But there is no answer
“Where are You? Where are You?” I cry
The wind blows the sound of my voice back at me
I look up
See a Cross in the sky
And in that moment
Know that You are with me



The days are growing shorter, darkness falls,
Wrapping its tendrils around my body,
As they tighten their grip a lone bird calls,
Piercing my heart with its stark melody,
Dead leaves crackle their life now is over,
The bird sings again its funeral song,
Like that of a dying, anguished lover,
Knowing the joy that was is now gone,
As the bird reaches its beak to the sky,
Stars start to twinkle and dance in the night,
A nightingale sings, its song rises high,
Out of the darkness has come a great light,
The spell is broken, i know I will live,
I learned in the dark a new song to give



Winding roads in the dreary grey of dusk
Neither day nor night, a time of limbo
My life discarded like an empty husk
Time now doesn’t even have a window
Tortuous the journey, never ending
In the greyness of my life, no clear line
But soon, growing dark will be descending
This night for a clearer light I will pine
How will I ever reach my journey’s end
Fumbling in the fog that plagues my eyes?
Is there a message clear that I can send?
Truthful words, honest and without disguise
I fear the dark, please help me on my way
Till journey’s end, and then a better day


“One day I will climb a big hill again,”
So said I to my friend in deep longing
As I spoke I did not know where or when
One day there will be a new beginning
Memories sharpen the pain that I feel
I did not expect to be cut down young
The plans I had made i cannot reveal
Nor the facile assumptions oh so wrong
Now the hill I climb is deep in my heart
Struggling to do just the tiniest things
Pushing the light and the darkness apart
Trying so hard to believe I have wings
I fall into the void that’s left behind
My life taken up with the daily grind


I have not been able to post for a few days because someone very close to me is dying.  I have been occupied therefore.  This has come close on the death of someone else. So I am a bit plunged into grief.  I wrote this little Haiku a few moments ago.  It expresses what I feel. I want to start posting again, so hope that I am able to.


Now it is night time
The darkness consumes my soul
When will the light come


A beautiful lady all dressed in pink
Stood at the bedside beside
a small chid
Nobody ever knew quite what to think
The story the child told sounded so wild
Nobody else saw this beautiful sight
But the child insisted the sight was real
She came to his bedside during the night
Nothing but peace did the little boy feel
As time passed by it was all forgotten
The child grew up, and got on with his life
The farmhouse was knocked down he was smitten
With grief so deep that cut like a knife
He never forgot that vision so fine
An old man spoke as we watched his eyes shine


Shave off the years that held your heart in fear,
Start now at this new place, shorn
Vulnerable, exposed, but free.

For so long now your life was ruled, your ear
Heard only guttural sounds, desolate, forlorn,
Shave off the years that held your heart in fear.

In vulnerability find love’s meaning dear,
It is for this that you were born,
Vulnerable, exposed, but free.

Take the risk, your liberation now is near,
Your fear has always been your thorn,
Shave off the years that held your heart in fear.

Grasp, in your nakedness, this void, and steer
Your life to pastures new and warm,
Vulnerable, exposed, but free.

Learn the truth, wipe every tear
Precipitated by the storm,
Shave off the years that held you in your fear,
Vulnerable, exposed, but free




I walked one night where the moon shone
And the stars were gems in the dark night sky
The lane was long and the night was warm
As I held onto Grandma’s hand
I asked the question “Where is God?”
Scanning the sky as I walked

Every night the two of us walked
Every night the moon shone
Though only a child I was searching for God
I thought He was up in the sky
Grandma held me with her strong hand
And in mine it felt oh so warm

This place for me was always warm
Through green grass fields I walked
I knew where to find Grandma’s hand
The farmhouse always shone
Always then I knew blue sky
I thought a lot about God

I don’t know where I heard about God
But these summer nights were so warm
All day the sun blazed in the sky
As often down the lane I walked
The water in the fish pond shone
Reflecting Grandma’s hand

Wrinkled and tender was Grandma’s hand
I thought of the hand of God
Everything for this young child shone
Love kept her so warm
In confidence she always walked
Under the summer sky

Vast and wondrous was the sky
Ever ready was Grandma’s hand
Through fields of happiness I walked
Wondering about God
Would my life always be this warm
As the moon and the stars shone

Up in the sky I looked for God
Where the sun shone I held Grandma’s hand
Every day was warm as down the lane I walked


Gone are the days when I walked
On your grassy banks, the wind in my hair,
But still I hear your song,
The air thick with desire,
If just for one more time I could come

On summer days I would often come
Finding peace as I watched you
Around, all that I could desire
My spirits lifted as I walked
Deep within a joyous song
As the wind tossed my hair

Wayward always was my hair
As I felt each season come
Accompanied by a different song
That I sang as I danced beside you
Many miles over time I walked
To walk was always my deep desire

Now I am filled with a deeper desire
So different is my hair
No miles now will ever be walked
Never again will I come
But I never will lose my love for you
Or cease to sing you my song

On my lips is always a song
Born from my deep desire
One day maybe I’ll dance with you
Grow once again my hair
Again and again you whisper “Come”
Remembering how far once I walked

Along your banks many feet have walked
I wonder how many sang a song?
My sweet love, soon I will come
My heart aches, for you are all I desire
See the greying of my hair
But in my heart I carry you


What shall I do now this fine day has gone,
Has everything died that lived in its span?
Or do I carry within me its long
Hours that throbbed strongly with life and began
A story that only it could create?
Though a story that’s real, touching my heart,
How long now must I hold myself and wait,
To see its effect and what it might start?
Though it seems it has died I can’t forget
The song it has sung and the tears it’s cried,
It touched my soul and my soul dances yet,
With all that it held that I hold inside,
This day is eternal, there is no time,
Down the long years it forever will shine.


The mourning dove cried out one morn
And I cried too in loud lament
Such grief I knew, my heart was torn
The mourning dove cried out one morn
And as I cried I was forlorn
In agony my garments rent
The mourning dove cried out one morn
And I cried too in loud lament


One day the darkness overcame her
The earth covered her
The dampness ate into her,
Stifled, she tried to scream
But there was no breath in her body
Lifeless she lay there
This could not be it
Her soul still lived
This could not be her final breath
Slowly she began to move her fingers
Stiffened by the dank earth
They struggled to move
The resistance of the earth
Held them
She remembered she was dust
But in the dust
The Valley of dry bones
Life lived again
Her fingers curled around a tiny stone
She felt its sharp edges
And knew she was not dead
And that life could live again
And suddenly her scream was born
And in the screaming
She was brought to life again
The darkness pierced


I hide in the forest it dresses me
In finest green pines from its branches
The green of the tree caresses my soul
Refreshes my spirit this day
I lie in the bosom of earth with delight
And escape for a while from my pain

The whole of my life I have known such deep pain
So often has death walked with me
The pure water of life has been my delight
The forest gave me its fine branches
I knew they were there whatever the day
They gave deep peace to my soul

There were those who wanted to steal my soul
And cause me the deepest pain
I walked all alone through each dark day
With no one there to accompany me
But often I sat beneath sweetest pine branches
They gave to me such delight

My life has not been without its delight
Giving deep joy to my soul
Such joy dwelt beneath the finest green branches
I found medicine for my pain
Peace for a time came softly to me
I danced on that wondrous day

And now I seek once again that day
When I can bathe in delight
When the joy of this life can surround me
And revival come to my soul
No longer be tied to the deepest of pain
I lay it all under the branches

Under the branches I find deep delight
What a wonderful day for my soul
No longer can pain assault me


As I walked today on golden leaves
Just as the sun was dying
I wondered if the light could shine
In a life so full of pain
The gold of heaven was on the ground
The sun setting in the sky

I cannot see the blue of the sky
But I feel the softness of leaves
Glowing on the cold hard ground
Waiting for the dying
I wonder if they like me can feel pain
As the moon gets ready to shine

All summer long I saw the sun shine
Amidst the blue of the sky
My body then was full of pain
The trees gave me shade with their leaves
I knew that for me my life then was dying
I felt with my feet the hard ground

I could no longer walk on the ground
From my wheelchair I saw the sun shine
It felt so black knowing I was dying
I turned my eyes to the sky
I saw the beauty of greenest leaves
For a moment forgot my pain

My life on earth has been full of pain
I fell many times on the ground
But my heart was gladdened by greenest leaves
Inside I felt my soul shine
I felt myself become one with the sky
I tried to forget I was dying

And now the leaves on the path are dying
Oblivious to my pain
The sun becomes red in the autumn sky
A golden carpet is on the ground
Even in death a soul can shine
I too will shine like the golden leaves

It is possible to shine in the deepest pain
Just like the leaves dying on the hard ground
Remembering the blue of the sky


THIS IS A POEM CALLED AN ALEXANDRIAN(well I read that somewhere a long time ago but I’m not sure it is now?  Any poetry buffs know?)


I want to live today
Once I almost died,
But now I’m here to stay,
I fought, how I tried,
While everyone around me saw my state and cried.

Cancer took all I had
Helpless there I lay,
In pain that drove me mad,
All I did was pray
But I survived its fiercest onslaught, now I’m glad.

But what would it be worth
If I could not live
Be of use on this earth,
Be able to give,
Though I have little left, I still have hope, believe.


The sun was dying in the sky,
Reflecting on the water,
The trees turned golden in the light,
On the banks of the river’s mouth,
Everything this night was calm,
As the water ran out to the sea.

So often I’d looked at the waves of the sea,
Thrashing in the darkening sky,
My spirit then was not calm,
I was drawn towards the water,
I sensed the salt taste in my mouth,
At the dying of the light.

But now as night comes I can see light,
Calm now is the sea,
A sweeter taste is in my mouth,
A brilliance in the sky,
I am at peace looking at the water,
Within me a mystical calm.

The way I have walked has not been calm,
Deep pain obscured the light,
For so long I floundered on the rough water,
Tossed around on the sea,
Loud thundering in the sky,
A bitter taste in my mouth.

But then I tasted sweet Bread in my mouth,
All was still and calm,
Heavenly Hosts filled the sky,
All I could see was light,
I was no longer tossed on the sea,
I floated on the water.

Once from Your wounded side flowed water,
Lovesongs fell from Your mouth,
So often You’d walked beside the sea,
Made rough waters calm,
Suddenly all around was light,
Dark turned to radiance in the sky.

As the sky brightened songs were in my mouth,
The waters of the earth were calm,
The Universe was filled with light, glassy was the sea.


Sitting in your neediness
My heart mourns
For the child you once were
My words cannot convince
My tears cannot speak
To you of the love you deserve
For inside you
Is a mantra
That tells you
You cannot be loved
I try to climb over the wall
Erected over your heart
But it is so high
Over the wall
The little child
That was not wanted



Trees wave gently in autumn sun
Grieves my heart for the coming cold
Leaves fall down in the midst of glory
Heaves my soul in this time of gold

Blue and white will soon take their toll
Through the dark night I’ll wither
Too many times I’ve given in
Do your worst, gold come hither