She spent her life looking for the truth,
Walking up the long narrow lane,
Holding Grandma’s hand she sought,
Gazing in wonder at the sky,
Mesmerised by the stars,
Asked the question, “Where is God?”

How could a child know much about God?
Yet she wanted to know the truth,
He had to be somewhere beyond the stars,
Shining bright as they walked up the lane,
Her eyes fixed firmly on the night sky,
In innocence she sought

And as she grew this child still sought,
Determined to find her God,
So much wonder was in the sky,
How could it not contain the truth?
Many times she walked down the lane,
Fascinated by the stars

She wondered if she could touch the stars,
As in her wonder she sought,
Never did she forget the lane,
Where first she’d tried to find God,
Her child’s mind said there must be truth,
Somewhere up in the sky

So beautiful she found the sky,
Even when there were no stars,
In such great beauty there must be truth,
Still for her God she sought,
In her thirteenth year she found her God,
Walking with her down the lane

Hand in hand they walked down the lane,
Looking up at the sky,
Within her heart she’d found her God,
Brightly shone the stars,
She’d found that for which she’d always sought,
Now she knew the truth

A little child looked for truth high up in the sky,
Walking down the country lane mesmerised by the stars,
One day as she truly sought, within her she found her God


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