And as the New Year now begins I sing
A brand new song born in pain from the old
Gone now is the soul destroying sharp sting
For I have found a way to break the mould
Resentment never found its home in me
Nor bitterness a bed wherein to sleep
Though eyes are blind I still can clearly see
Love is the only way to walk the deep
A path into the unknown future calls
And I will take my chance though hills are high
Only the one who fears and falters falls
Though questions may abound all asking why
I look not back but press right on this night
And know my darkness soon will turn to light



Voices clamour
Until my head jangles
Like a badly tuned orchestra
I saw
Once again men in black coats, move,
Stately, sombre, until
Life receded
Death reigned

Struck my raw heart
My soul taken up, black
Was this day, until red appeared
And then
I knew
That there is still life to be lived,
In the midst of which death
Interrupts, flows,
Calls us

Life caresses
My face, swollen, weeping,
Telling me that life will live on,
That’s what
It does, and death cannot conquer
That which lives for ever
Beyond the veil