“She’s fighting for her life”
And so it was
The fight was long and hard
Oftentimes she wanted to give up
And nearly did
The night she nearly died
She sang, in her spirit,
Ready to go,
Dressed only in her skin,
And even that was ragged,
Torn, smelly,
In time they said she’d won her fight,
Well, for now anyway,
She’s not cured
But cancer free for now,
What is free?
Still, she fights for her life,
The world oblivious,
How much life has she got left to fight for?
Today she no longer wants to fight,
For the non – life she’s got,
Today she contemplates,
“If only”
If she had known, would she have fought before?
Who knows?
She certainly doesn’t,
She only knows about those
Shouting from the sidelines,
Job’s helpers,
Who is Job?
“My name is Job”
“Where is my father?”

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