Three Things Challenge #110

Not many people had a TELEVISION. It was the Coronation though, and everyone wanted one then. Black and white they were, and lots of people huddled round one set.

It was the best time of her life so far. It had, until now, been full of UNREST.  Moving every six months or so. But now they seemed more settled in this popular seaside town. Every Sunday they would walk along the promenade, often having to jump the waves as they hurtled onto the sea front. It was exhilarating. And then there was the Tower. And the ballroom where they often went to dance. And the Pleasure Beach, where every weekend they went to have waffles and jam and cream.

Then, into this scene suddenly came her sister, ten years younger than her, she was.

“I’m pregnant,” she said.


What a NERVE! Arriving out of the blue like that, and making such an announcement! Disturbing their peace!

It had been a one night stand with an American airman. Now, he was nowhere to be found.

“You’d better go home and tell Mum then,” Josie said.

Years later Geoffrey stood in her kitchen. Brought up by his grandmother on the farm, he never really knew his mother. But now, here he was, in a terrible state, having messed up his life.

“Did my mother love me?” he asked.

Josie’s heart broke.

“Yes, she loved you very much,” she replied.

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