#FOWC. Egregious. Strange Meeting in a Coffee Shop

FOWC with Fandango — Egregious

Jenny sat at the table in the window in the restaurant above the china shop. She loved to come here, as she could watch all the goings on in the small town from a vantage point. Well, all the goings on in that little area, but it was an area where many people seemed to gather. Right across the road were some beautiful gardens, where people loved to sit in the summer months, both locals and tourists alike. Old men would often gather on one of the wooden seats, exchanging jokes and tales with each other. There was a bus stop nearby, where various buses would stop to drop off or pick up people from the outlying villages, and from the nearest city. There was the posh hotel where people stayed when they had business in the town, and just along from there was a fruit and vegetable shop that had its wares set out on a stall outside shop. Jenny had been warned about this shop.

“Don’t buy anything from there,” Jill had said to her. “All the locals know about it. There is a cat that wanders around and jumps up onto the stall and pees on the cauliflowers.” Duly warned, Jenny avoided the shop, and indeed, did not even really like looking at it.

Right at the junction between then posh hotel and the Gardens was a roundabout. One exit off it went up a steep hill past the Church and the gate to the vicarage, opposite to the Church. Thus, anyone wanting to go from the Church to the vicarage or vice versa had to cross a busy road. It was very interesting watching the traffic making its way round the roundabout in an almost quaint kind of a way. In fact, the whole scene was quite quaint, especially when it snowed, and cars and buses were slithering and sliding all over the place with the council being caught unawares by a sudden and unexpected snowfall.

“Hi Jenny,” she suddenly heard, as she sat gazing out of the window. It was Cynthia, the Church solicitor. Jenny had got to know her a little bit from the times she had attended some event at the Church.

“Do you mind if I come and sit with you?”

“Of course not,” replied Jenny, feeling rather glad of the company. She had things on her mind. And this was just the person who might be able to answer some of her questions and put her mind at rest. She had been becoming increasingly troubled by what she was experiencing at the vicarage, and yet she felt drawn to it like a moth to a light.

“How long have you known the vicar?” she asked Cynthia.

“Oh, quite a lot of years,” Cynthia replied.

“He seems very well liked,” remarked Jenny. Indeed, everyone in the town seemed to know him, and no one had a bad word for him.

“Always ready to help if there is a need,” Jenny had heard someone say.

“I’ve been the Church solicitor for twenty years, and I’ve had a lot of dealings with him,” said Cynthia.

Jenny chatted quite lightheartedly with Cynthia about the vicar, and about the various things going on at the Church, laughing at some of the more recent happenings. Suddenly, she felt rather overcome, and she found herself saying some things that she never intended to say.

“He wanted me to change my name,” Jenny said, “By Deed Poll.”

Cynthia started visibly.

“Just be careful,” she said to Jenny. “You know he’s going on holiday this next week. I want you to know that you can come and talk to me if you want to.”

Jenny felt slightly shocked, though almost relieved.

“He’s a very EGREGIOUS character,” Cynthia said, “only most people don’t see it. Not many have got as close to him as you have. Now  you promise me that if you get at all worried next week, you will come and see me.”

Jenny nodded, gratefully.

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