FOWC with Fandango — Clear

Jenny put her foot down on the accelerator as she drove up the hill and out of the town. She didn’t know why but she was afraid that somehow or other the vicar and his wife would appear behind her. A moment of fear made her shudder, and she had a sense of something in her head saying “Danger, danger.” Yet she had no idea why. There was nothing exactly that she could put a finger on, but it was just a sense that she had as she thought back over the happenings at the vicarage, and as she remembered the lie that he had told her about when he moved to the town where the murder had taken place all those years ago. There was also his extreme anger that seemed to show itself very rarely and yet when it did he was in a frenzy.  There was the fact that he had wanted her to change her name by Deed Poll, but there was a perfectly good reason for this – it was a way of shakung off her past and all the abuse she had known.   She had no idea at all, however, why they were going to stop on the way to see his son to buy her new clothes. She had perfectly good clothes at home.  Things just did not seem to add up to Jenny and yet in a strange way they did and she did not like the sense that was being made.

It was not long before she arrived home, but as she put her key in the door she realised that her bank book and various other important things were locked in the safe at the vicarage. She could quite easily have driven back down to the vicarage, but she would have been unable to access her bank book and other things, for they were locked in a drawer, and only the vicar had the key to the drawer. She began to feel quite panicky as she wondered how she could get these things back. Her mind did not feel very CLEAR at this moment, but within the space of half an hour she had got a plan together. She would go down there the next morning whilst they were having breakfast and demand her things back. That early in the morning she hoped that the vicar and his wife would not want to be causing a fuss as Monica, the cleaner, would just be beginning work for the day.

With that Jenny settled herself down with a cup of tea and began to relax, but within the space of about five minutes there was a knock at the front door. It was a man whom she had never seen before and he was asking her where Jim Taylor lived. Jenny said that she did not know, and the man gave  a very strange smile and seemed reluctant to leave. However, eventually he did and he got in his car which he had parked at the end of her drive, thus blocking Jenny’s exit from the house. She kept looking out of the window to see what he was doing and she felt slightly alarmed. Eventually after about 15 minutes he did drive off. For the rest of the day Jenny felt most uncomfortable, and did not relish the idea of going back to the vicarage in the morning.

9 thoughts on “#FOWC, Clear. JENNY ARRIVES HOME

  1. blindzanygirl

    Thanks Pete. I know who tge myrderer us, but the olot is a bit invokved and actually IS based in some real lufe sutuations! I have to be carefuk tgere thiugh, sobhave changed some things. Ha ha. It mught be me lol

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  2. blindzanygirl

    Oh Pete. You have relieved me now. I was actuall in it lol. That is why I know it so closely, i have known a lot of vicars in my time, and believe you me, they can be a queer lot! I was talking to ine the other day who is a genuine friebd, abd told him I had started writing thrikkers. His imnediatevresoinse was “Ooh, am I in it?” It was SO funny. I hadn’t even said a vicar was in it, but he was dead excited to think that HE might be in it, so my next story will feature him! Xx

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