This is a Repost, but it is my favourite poem of all time, that I have written.  I love to think of the forest, and the beautiful green.   So here it is again:


Forest, you enfold me
Under your canopy of purest green
Setting my senses free

I feel you though I cannot see
Hear the Living Waters teem
Forest you enfold me

Remembering how I used to be
In sacred space I sit and dream
Setting my senses free

My heart, my mind, my will agree
Working together as a team
Forest you enfold me

Your spirit lets me know that we
Do not need “sight” on which to lean
Forest you enfold me
Setting my senses free

21 thoughts on “FOREST YOU ENFOLD ME

  1. blindzanygirl

    Thankyou so much. I write quite a few villanelles, and also other forms. I enjoy writing in form but simetimes I do write in free verse. Thankyou so much for thenkind comment 😊

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