What is a Sestina?


I have written quite a few sestinas before, but after reading this today, in the above link, I wanted to have another go!  Not sure if it any good, but here we are!


In the midst of darkness I see only light
In the dazzling rays that thrill my aching heart
As I sit in deepest dark I feel the arms
Of a greater being than I’ve ever known
Put a veil around this body bruised and torn
To shield it from the arrows of the night

In a daze I contemplate this darkest night
And I know without a doubt it is the light
In a strangest way the veil is gently torn
And a love I knew not of enters my heart
In this vale of tears how can such joy be known
By a wayward child caught up in strongest arms

On the waves of pain I searched for loving arms
In consuming fear I shivered through the night
Oh so many tragedies my soul had known
As I thought I’d never ever see the light
But within I felt a stirring in my heart
And in dazzling darkness found my spirit torn

In this purest moment understanding torn
As in tumult felt around me mystic arms
In the dark I felt the beating of my heart
And my feet began to dance in this long night
I beheld with my blind eyes the coming light
In a trance I knew that peace I’d never known

Now I thank the universe for all I’ve known
In the mystic light where temple veil is torn
Join in joy Creation’s praising of the light
That was born in darkness held in sun’s great arms
For in this dark world there isn’t only night
But in moon and sun the healing of my heart

In my heart I know the veil is truly torn
A love I’ve never known gives me its arms
I greet with joy the night that’s filled with light


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