Once upon a time there was a very fine FLEA called Roland. He was revered by all the other fleas for his ability to jump. Some of the fleas had had to go to Jumping School because they didn’t seem able to jump and they were getting thinner and thinner because they weren’t able to suck any blood.

All the fleas who couldn’t jump got a but fed up with Roland because as revered as he was, he could be a bit uppity about his prowess as a jumper. He began to JAR on the lesser fleas. But in a way that was good for them because it made them determined to learn to jump as well as him.

It was very hard work at the Jumping School but at the end of each week the flea that had done really well got a gold STAR. Before long, all their hard work paid off and they graduated from Jumping School as goid as Roland. So no longer could Roland get uppity, and he had to go and eat sour grapes.


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