The fallyfloppers were out in force, fallying and flopping around. The lovely warm sunnyfole made them fally and flop much more than usual. There was also a nice breezeyel which meant that after they had flopped they fallied up again. Some went right highilode into the air. There was lots of oooohing and aaaahing. Some even singised. It was such a happyfol day.

Some of the fallyfloppers had little chilern, and they bouncied their ballies around a lot, having a great time. When they saw their mummies and daddies fally up into the air they got all excited and could not wait for the day when they could fally up into the air as well. They were ok at flopping, and sometimes spent a lot of time on the ground. They gigglysied and gigglysied.

One day a fallyflopper failed to come back down again and got blowised away on the breezeyol. Everyone was very sad and some cryised. But the fallyflopper who had stayed up in the air flolloped away to a new land far away, and was happy ever after.

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