Once upon a time there were lots of whindiglers who whindigled and whineised at everything driving everyone mad. They were such miserable buggerilodes and everyone told them to shutties up and put a sock in it. But the whindiglers whineised that they didn’t have any socks and so couldn’t put a sock in it and anyway they didn’t know what “it” was, to be able to put a sock in it.

So one market day some of the peopliodes went to the market to buy some socks for the whindiglers. They were absolutely fed up with listening to them. They didn’t know what colour socks to buy but decided it didn’t matter anyway because whatever colour they chose the whi diglers would whineies and moanies and make a right nuisance of themselves.

They took the socks back to the whindiglers and the whindiglers did whineies and moanies and in the end the peopliodes shovised the socks right in the mouthies of the whindiglers.

Peace was then restored to the village of the whindiglers.


  1. blindzanygirl

    They did. Can you imagine them walking round the village all the time with permanent socks in their moths? An army of them lol 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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