Once in the misty yonder someone died. No one noticed.

Sally was a mountaineer. Mountains were her life. She could not imagine a life without them. Not only mountains but the wild places too. Places where you could see the raptors soaring into the sky, their wings beating powerfully and majestically.

Not only did Sally love mountains and birds but she loved cycling too, with the sun and the breeze on her face. Wind and rain presented more of a problem, but Sally still got on her cycle and rode miles.

Life took a very different turn for her when tragedy struck. Tragedy in a number of different forms. The final one was when she got cancer. When discovered it was very advanced, and tumours had developed all over her body, some, in very dangerous and crucial places. It was thought at this stage that she would die. Chemotherapy was administered in the hopes of saving her.

After a very gruelling eight months of chemotherapy, during which Sally suffered greatly, the tumours had gone, but she had been left virtually blind and unable to walk. She would never see her beloved mountains again, nor get on her cycle. Not only that, but people could not understand her growing blindness, and life became a battle ground as she strove to keep human relationships going. Never a moaner, she was always smiling, and making people laugh. But now, people avoided her.

Sally became more and more cut off from life and human relationships. She woke in a morning to a growing fog that obscured everything that she had once known. She began to grieve – deeply. No one knew. No one ever gave her the chance to talk about these things. Inside, she was bursting. Bursting with pain, and bursting to talk. Just talk. Nothing and no one could fix her or fix things for her, but there were those who could not accept this, and then blamed Sally because they were not fixed, almost as if she was doing this to herself.

Sally fell deeper and deeper into blackness and depression. Isolation ate into her until some days she was almost screaming. The only thing that could pierce this darkness was the birdsong in a morning. But even that was not enough to save her. Her feelings of hopelessness grew and grew as she tried to reach out to people. But she became misunderstood as attention seeking. This added pain was too much for Sally. The mist took her, and she was no more.


14 thoughts on “THE MIST TOOK HER

  1. blindzanygirl

    Thanks Di. I am crying now. I had a nasty troll on my site on that post I made about not being able to get deliveries. I have taken the post down but there was yet another communication from her this morning. I was being sick already then got that. Still no delivery slots. Up until 2 in the morning again.


  2. Wherever Sally is, I hope she is in a beautiful place riding her bike in the mountains, watching the birds, and running with wind. If she lives on in some way, she should know that she is loved. A touching post.💚


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