In the old days there was no difference between different kinds of paint. It was distemper, and that was that. I have fond memories of my grandmother who was forever distempering the walls in the farmhouse kitchen. Going to the nearby market town on. Tuesday was a treat, but always, we ended up perusing the different colours of distemper. Green seemed to be the all time favourite. Always, however once home and the distemper on the walls, Gran would say,

“I didn’t expect it to come out as deep as that.”

Those were very happy days.

Many years later it was not called distemper any more, but paint, and you could get it in either MATT or SATIN finish. In my family, satin was frowned upon, as being “loud.” Gran would have been horrified by it. But once married I made my own decision and went for the satin, which had a lovely SHINE to it. Indeed, I went for some very strange colours, according to my mother in law, who walked into our bedromm, glowing purple and deep pink, declaring that you needed your sunglasses on in there. Gran definitely would not have approved of that!

6 thoughts on “3TC#206

  1. Ah, maybe ’twas you who decorated the cottage before we arrived!
    Dining room, red walls with dark rosewood stained doors, red carpet and red curtains (like walking into a blood clot, AND they’d painted round the television and serving hatch!), bathroom, peacock blue wallpaper with black and silver tiles (we kept the tiles), lounge green paper, flowery green stems on chimney breast, green curtains, green carpet, they even had a green suite (like walking into a field), front bedroom, bright yellow you needed sun glasses, middle room purple and mauve, with damp rising, main bedroom terracotta. The kitchen was a shambles so we completely gutted it, especially after opening the oven door and it came away from the housing!

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  2. blindzanygirl

    Oooh I love pine. Bet it’s nice. We always use magnolia or white. Once I got over my purple phase 😀


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