How many doors does your property have (rooms, back, front etc)

We have a front door, white with a goldy coloured knocker on it and a bell too. We have a door going from the kitchen out onto the drive at the side of the house, which is, at a certain point, closed off by tall bolted gates so that no one can get round to the back from off the street. Then we have a very very small dining room off the kitchen which has a patio door out onto the small back garden that slopes uphill a bit and is rather uneven.
Do you have a separate lounge to entertain your guests or do you prefer to congregate round a table in the kitchen?

We don’t have many guests but we sometimes have one male friend who comes. He used to be our gardener and we knew him from Tropical Fish Club in the past. He sits in the kitchen with us, and we just natter. He has a cup of tea or two, and hubby used to make him a bacon butty but he doesn’t now, as our friend doesn’t want one nowadays. Sometimes we have someone come who used to go to the writing group that I used to go to, but we all sit in the front room and natter when he comes.
Do you have a garden?

Yes, we have a small front garden, just a bit longer than the length of our estate car (needed to transport two wheelchairs plus one dog behind us). In it is a beautiful corkscrew willow tree that we transported here when we moved here from Derbyshire. It was very small then, but now it is huge! We get lots of birds in it as it is the only tree on our road.

We have a small back garden, with a small lawn, and some shrubs and bushes. Bamboo, camellia, roses, passion flowers going the full length of the garage at the side, lilac, magnolias. We have a very small round garden table and two chairs (they look like iron but they are not) a bird bath and a sun dial.
Do you have the radio/music on when you have visitors.

No we never have music on as we talk.
Do you prefer a group of guests or just one or two at a time?

Just one at a time as mentioned above. Both of those who occasionally come are ill in some way, and disabled.
Do you provide biscuits or cake?

No, but they could have them if they wanted them.

Do you keep specific crockery (mugs, cups, plates) for visitors only?

The ex gardener has his own mug.

Do you have pictures on the wall?

Yes we have lots of pictures on our walls. Above the huge farmhouse type brick fireplace in the front room we have a picture called “The Angelus,” which is of a man and his wife in medieval times working the land, but stopping and bowing their heads at the sound of the Angelus Bell, as happened in those days. We have one or two small Lowry pictures, and some of the Harvest to remind me of my grandparents’ farm and happy days. None of these pictures can I see any more.

Do you have flowers indoors?

Not very often but I would like to have them even if I cannot see them


  1. Mine that I posted in Di’s comment section of her post, about mine, I will share here with you, as not doing my own post with already airing two posts today. 🙂

    One front main door to come in and out of my apartment. (or flat as I call it.)
    My living space is living space and dining room combined, with a small kitchen. But although small kitchen, plenty of cupboards and workspace to any kitchen I have had in the past.
    I usually have only 2 guests on average and we sit at the dining table. 3 guests may be rare moments. I can follow conversation easy when it’s one or two. It gets hard from 3.
    I don’t have music on as it is awkward for me when having a conversation. It will be mugs of tea. No special mugs for the ocassion. Sometimes biscuits offered if I have them. May be brought by guests.
    In the past when one friend has come over, we may odd ocassion watch a dvd.
    Where I live, there is a communal yard and garden.
    I have one large canvas print on the wall of my cat I last had. Miley.
    I have one plant indoors. My peace lily. I killed my parlour palm some time back. And I have some fake blue little flowers on my dining table that some guests admire.

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  2. blindzanygirl

    Oh gosh. Thankyou so much Liz. Your flat sounds absolutely lovely. And how nice that you have a communal garden. I hope you feel really comfortable there ❤️

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  3. Thanks for the insight into your home Lorraine. Sounds cosy. We have some grass at the front, but that’s all it is, grass. We did have our ancient mariner rose bush in the centre but some horrible drunks dug it up and threw in on the roof of next door’s car where it froze. We retrieved it and planted it in the back garden and it seems to be doing OK. There are a couple of lavender bushes under the front window though. Nice to hear the bees buzzing.

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  4. blindzanygirl

    Oh dear re your rose bush.your bungalow sounds lovely too. Wish I could have put some photos up,of ours but needed help and hubby busy. It’s not a bad house. Pity about the neigbours thoug! No one speaks to us hardly, and they seem a bit kind of stuck up with nothing to be stuck up about lol. Oh well….


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