One day some mambypoobers decided to go to the market in the next townieville. Normally they spent the day mamypoobling around in the fieldoes, so this was something really newilode for them. None of them could drive, nor even ridies a bikelop, so they had to walkies the five mileiodes to the towniville. It was quite a chillyode day, and so they had to dress up warmilode in lots of jumperies and three coatilodes. They still shiverised though and chatterised their teethilodes. They blewised on their handies and rubbised them together.

Lots of caries droveised past them on the way, but no one stoppised to pick them up. They booed and they baaed at the caries, and made a right racket.

Eventually they got to the market, and there were lots of stallies there. There was fruitie and vegetablie, and there were underwearie stallies, and jumperie stallies too. They were fascinated by the underwearie stallies, and ooohed and aaaahed as they looked at all the stylodes and colouriodes. Everyone tryised to decidey what colouriode would suities them best. They held the underswearie up against them to see if it would fit. It was a bit big for most of them but they boughtised it anyway, thinking they might grow into it.

Then because it was so coldie they all boughtised a new jumperilode and tryised to put it on on top of the three they already had on. By the time they had put them on and then put the three coatilodes on top, they were so fatilodes and they wobblised and wobblised around like Humpty Dumpty. They thought they might fallies down, so they decided to go and sit on a wall. But then they wibble wobbliesed off the wall and brokiesed into lots of pieces and no one could put them back together again, and so that was the end of the mambypoobers.


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