Well, today we have had further clarified information on what we can and can’t do during our lockdown. It came from some body within the police (can’t remember its name but it is over all the police forces in our country) and it made it clear that the police had to be reasonable and not be heavy  handed, like telling people they are not allowed to sit in their own gardens and telling them to go indoors. It was stated that it is O.K. to drive your car a short distance to your permitted exercise.

Now, we were missing out on leavng our house as we can’t walk and, with me being blind I cannot even ride around in my power chair. So we had been stuck inside our house going stir crazy. Literally. We used to go out for a drive each afternoon to relieve the boredom and the tension. But not now. It was not oermitted. It was not classed as exercise even though it was mental exercise.

Then, today, after three weeks of nearly going mad, we read that it was O.K. to drive to your exercise. Soooo, we decided that in future we could drive to some place that is quiet and safe, and I could use my power chair there, as my exercise. My husband pushes his own arms around to push his wheels round so that is DEFINITELY exercise for him.

Brilliant! They cannot stop us doing that, surely, though it is not walking, cycling or running.

Anyway, we are going to try it. We will never survive this lockdown if we cannot get out at all. And if we go where there are no other people for me to run into, we should be O.K. So watch out. Here we come!

As a P.S.  the rules are mad though.  You are permitted to sit down on your walk and have a picnic but you are not permitted to sit down on a park bench for a breather if you are tired.


14 thoughts on “WE CAN BE FREE

  1. blindzanygirl

    Thanks wendi. We had called the police previously to ask if we could do that, and they said no. But now it is there, written down. They cannot stop us. That is how I interpret it anyway.

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  2. awesome!!!! 🙂 getting out of the house makes such a huge difference. I went out and took my dog on a walk today and it was awesome to get some fresh air and be out of the house. I can’t wait to read about your adventure.

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  3. Yep. The parks are closed and if you are the only one in the place you can be ticketed yet the lines at the grocery are not policed and people are crowding and inching closer and closer together as they near the doors! Very backwards…

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  4. blindzanygirl

    I can’t wait to go either wendi but we have become so ingrained with the idea that we must NOT go out that we will be a bit scared to go, and watching for police. It’s a bit like brainwashing. I’ll let you know how it goes if we make it xx

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  5. Get out there, Lorraine – let common sense prevail! Can’t remember the last time I saw a police officer anyway – the one’s we see in news bulletins may well be actors! The thing I like about the current ‘police make it up as you go along’ policy is apparently I can’t buy paint so no DIY – my wife is not amused!

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  6. blindzanygirl

    Lol I know Eric. It’s mad I tell you, completely mad! We actually did ring the police at the beginning of this locjdown and asked if they were likely to do anything to us for just going for a short drive with the windows closed. Nthey said no we couldn’t. It was not permitted! My husband was told, in a rather nasty tone, by a police officer, “It’s a nasty disease Sir,” and my husband said “i know. That’swhy we don’t want to put our windows down to you lot if you stop us.” Anyway, that was that then,


  7. blindzanygirl

    Pete, after writing this I discovered that the police in our town have been pulling people in by the Pods which is on the main route into the town, and asking them where they are going. We’re a bit wary of going out now after discovering that. There is no clear guidance anywhere at all. But just staying in every minute of the day, blind, drives you mad. We will have to see what happens.

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