The willywongers contemplated the weekend in front of them. Everything had changeised lately, and with no shoppes open much, and everyone being toldised to stay at home there was littyiode to do. All the willywongers screechised and screamised because it was the weekend and they were so bored. They got really tetchy with each other, and fightliodes were breaking out between them.

Suddenly one of the willywongers had a really goody idealiode.

“Let’s climb that treeilode,” he said.

Everyone lookised at the treeilode and thought what a good idealiode it was. It was so boring willywongering on the ground, and it would be much more fun willywongering higher up.

And so, one by one they started to climb the treeilode. There was much sqeakising and laughising. No longer were they tetchy.

Soon, everyone was up in the treeilode, and they all lookised around them from a great height, and it was so great that they decidised to stay there forever. They felt like they were Kings of the Castle.

But one day it rainised really really hard, and all the willywongers were washised out of the treeilode. They were all unharmed apart from a few bruises on their bumilodes, and no,longer could they be Kings of the Castle and they had to go back to being low down willywongers again. It was a very sad day for the poor willywongers, and what was more, their bumilodes hurt quite a lot. They could not sit down on their bumilodes and so lay on their tummies crying. And that is why willywongers are always such sad creatures now.


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