Last night I experienced the first bit of joy and happiness that I have felt since the beginning of this Covid 19 outbreak. I went onto Facebook, which I normally don’t frequent, and there were various videos on there that people had posted that were so wonderful. People like Neil Sedaka (that tells you how okd I am lol) singing his hits and accomanying himself on the piano from hs home. Wonderful. Of course he has aged too and looks very different according to my husband. Julian Lloyd Weber is doing it too, from his home, playing hits from his musicals on his piano. He lresents it in a way that engages his viewers in it as well. It is fantastic. Carol King has done it too. Daniel O’Donnell has spoken from his home (no singing though). There all kinds of videos like this. Some choirs have done it – wow, all those people harmonising together from their own homes.

Last night I felt happy for the first time in ages. I was kind of able to forget the damned virus. I thought it amazing how people have joined in doing these things.

There was also a wonderful video on our local website posted on Facebook, of a young woman doing sign language, and singng, so thst the deaf can join in singing with her. Apparently these people normally meet in a group and she has taught them how to sing, as she says on the video, “Remember, you know this one. We have practised it.” Anazing.

I went to sleep happy last night.

Woke up, posted on my blog, but for various reasons took the posts down again.

I now need to attempt to get my feeling of happiness back again, for, though we know people are dying horrifucally and the world is in chaos, we still have to try and find some relief somehow or we would go mad. I have been going mad. My mental health was suffering terribly, after quite a lot of emergencies for us during the week, that nearly finished me off. And hubby too.

I shall be back on Facebook later to see if there are any more of those videos.




  1. We’re not on FB, but some of those vids are amazing especially The Couch Choir and orchestra. It really is soul lifting.
    The Covid Parody songs are funny too where they put new lyrics to old favourites. You have to laugh, and that in turn makes you feel better.
    It is a horrible time everywhere, but the community spirit here is uplifting too. We were all out on our drives on Thursday, clapping or banging pots, waving at neighbours 20 doors down, everyone supporting each other.
    Revisit the FB vids and your happy place often. ❤

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  2. blindzanygirl

    Di where did you find those vids? There are none on FB today. I would LOVE to see the ones you mention – and any others.


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