She sat staring at the COMPUTER.

“Give me a pen and paper,” she had said. “They’re good enough for me. You’ll never get me using a computer.”

But there it was, staring at her from the table, daring her to use it.

Maud stared back at it. Almost angrily. It was no good. In the end, life had forced her to do this heinous thing. Maud resented it.

Suddenly, as she sat staring huffily at it, there was an almighty CRASH. She jumped, and rushed into the kitchen to see what it was. On the floor was a BOTTLE that seemed to have jumped all on its own onto the floor from off the kitchen worktop. Mystified, Maud looked out of the open kitchen door, and saw a magpie sitting cheekily on her patio.

With a sigh, she returned to her computer. How boring this was going to be.

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