It was there in the tiniest PRINT. A small camp site in the Lake District in a field with no amenities, except a toilet. Not your usual state of the art camp site with showers, laundry rooms, a food shop, a gift shop, and various other attractions. But just right for Ray and Angie. They hated those overpriced, over full, and over publicised camp sites. They did not offer the real thing. Camping was not to meant to be like this.

It was a cold, windy day when they arrived. They only had a small tent, and soon, they had it up, sleeping bags on the floor, and an extra COVER to keep them warm. This was the life!

The next day saw them going out on a long walk in the hills with their two rough collie dogs. It was an all day affair, and the dogs were in their element. Travelling back to the camp site, they stretched out full length in the back of the van.

Suddenly, Ray and Angie heard the sound of sirens, and saw blue flashing lights behind them. It was the police. They flashed them to pull over. Ray and Angie were shocked. What on earth had they done?

A policeman came to the driver’s side of the van, and asked Ray to show him the back of the van. Ray obliged, wondering what on earth was wrong.

The policeman peered into the van, where two very sleepy dogs half opened their eyes and looked blearily at him. The policeman laughed, and said to Ray,

“Those looked just like SHEEP from inside our car. We thought you were sheep rustling.”

Relieved, Ray broke into laughter too, and the dogs fell right back to sleep again.


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