Critical you see
Opening car window
Face in yours

Silent killer lurks
Not announcing presence
Breath meets breath

Fit and healthy
Some can survive
I would not


12 thoughts on “CRITICAL

  1. A week or so before the announcement of the lockdown, I was in a pub and a lady was speaking to me, saliva periodically flying from her mouth and hitting my face. I did think (at the time), I hope she hasn’t got anything nasty (including Corona). Then, from 23-27 March I was very unwell and kept falling asleep in my chair, going to bed in the afternoon for a few hours (which is very unlike me). Whilst I can’t pin the blame on the lady, I do wonder …

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  2. blindzanygirl

    That is interesting Kevin. I would be wondering the same as you. Shame you can’t know what it was. And apparently the test for antibodies is not very reliable. But this is exactly why I personally can’t say “fuck the police” as some have advocated, as for me, catching it would mean certain death accirding to medical advice. I find that really scary. However, I very soon might take the risk! Glad you are well now Kevin. I did keep looking to see if you were still posting at that time, and have continued to do so, knowing that you live in an area where infection rate is high. Keep going Kevin. We want you to stay around.

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  3. Thank you, Lorraine. I certainly intend to do my very best to stay around.

    I agree the police have a difficult job. When I was walking Trigger yesterday evening in the local woods, I was aware of teenagers (in the midst of the woodland) and the clink of bottles. A friend had earlier mentioned their presence when he came to drop off supplies for me. Obviously these youngsters where not practicing social distancing but, in the great scheme of things, I had other matters to concern me so let them be.

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