Gemma looked wistfully at the MAY blossom on the hedges lining the road. Beautiful white lace. This might be the LAST time that she saw the beautiful blossom, and she remembered how six years previous on such a beautiful day as this, she was given the devastating news that she had cancer. It seemed so incongruous, with the sun shining outside and the trees all in full blossom. Her most favourite time of the year. And on such a day she was here, in this dark, drab hospital room being told that she had cancer and that she may very well die.

And so began her ENTRY into the world of needles, drips, and chemotherapy. It was a dreadful time. The chemotherapy was aggressive, and tough. No one could say that it would work and that it would save her life. She never knew whether it was worth going through all this or not.

No one had told her. She got through the chemotherapy, and would live, but she was blind and could not walk. The chemotherapy had saved her life, but given her a life sentence instead.

The May blossom was very beautiful, and Gemma could see it only in a very blurred fashion. And it was for the last time. And she wondered whether it had all been worth it.

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