A lifetime
Screaming red
Raining black
On the ground
You above me
I saw the devil
That night
Felt him in your spit
As it landed
On my face
And in the power
That dangled
From above
Heard him
In the contorted voice
That called me
You left
And then
I got up
And there you were
Ice cold water
In a bowl
Ready to throw
I ran
Up a street
Where no one knew
Or cared



O.K. So tomorrow is All Change Day!

i know that we are still meant to be able to use the Classic Editor by clicking somewhere.  Being blind I won’t be able to see that.

Have got used to manipulating this Classic Editor, as I began using it before I went completely blind.  So in a way  I kind of know where I am with it though it is still very difficult for me to make a post.  However, if I had to use the new Block Editor I would be in a total mess.  Having tried to read about it I have found that I simply cannot follow it.  I cannot see diagrams or layouts or anything at all that explains how to use it.

i am therefore truly hoping that indeed we cn still choose to use the ClassicEditor, otherwise I too will have to leave WordPress!


You might just know
Or think that you just know
That which is unknowable to
Walkers on different paths few
Can tell
It all
But think in arrogance they can
Knowing is nothing
Nothing is known


Today has been a bad day physically speaking. I am not sure what is happening or where it is going, though of course I may find out next week from my doctor.

I have always known that my particular afflictions were progressive, and that were potentially fatal. Indeed they will be fatal if something else doesn’t get me first! Lol. But I have ended up really worried and very weepy today because I literally have not had the strength to get to the bathroom. It is well known that the extreme fatigue associated with my cancer goes on for years, and can increase with the peripheral polyneuropathy, and today, upon trying to move out of bed, my breathing became bad, and my oxygen levels went very low. I then started to tremble and shake, and I must admit I did become very distressed. I know it is not Covid 19 as I have had these episodes before, and every day my breathing goes when I go to the bathroom in a morning. But today it was worse than normal.

So it has been a bad and quite frightening day, and part of me wondered if it was the cancer back, since it felt a bit like that. So next week may well tell me a lot.

I am not being melodramatic when I say that my body could be reaching its natural end. I always knew this was on the cards. But in a way facing that is quite hard.

So we will see what happens. I am in bed right now and will remain there until things improve.